R101A – The Next Revolution in Medical Technology

R101A is the next generation Hemostatic and Wound Care Solution through Organic Nanotechnology. A technology complete on its own level. See what the future holds.

What is R101A?
From the commencement, R101A development included a vast number of highly skilled: chemist, engineers, physicist, mathematicians, etc.Meet the Team

American Made

We are proudly founded, developed and formed from the ground up in the U.S.A. Our team is American and our research starts here.

Military Inspired

We proudly served in the U.S. Military and utilized our experiences to develop the best medical technology to save the lives of our valued soldiers. This is a priority of our company.

See examples of our military focused products

The research and development of R101A had many impressive collabrations including: Air Force Research Laboratory, one of the most prestigious Universities School of Polymers and High Performance Materials, specialized manufacturing company and one of the top 10 Nanotechnology companies in the US.See examples of our projects including R&D
From the original inception, the R101A material has received numerous awards and recognitions including:
Tibet’s Award, Two R&D Magazine Top 100 Awards, Global Customer Service Award Frost & Sullivan, International Best Special Event Int’l Economic Development Council, Strategic Interest of U.S. Presidential Determination, Most Promising Application Award LA Regional Technology Alliance, Best of Small Tech Award Small Times Magazine, Collaboration Success Award Council for Chemical Research, CalTIP Award California Technology Investment Partnership.

We are leading a new generation of medical applications for R101A.See updates of our company news

Validation and Certifications of Results

The validation and quality of our work is evidenced by our numerous certifications, patents, regulatory compliance, quality controls, testing protocols, and data.

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